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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

On 7:31 PM by Connie Lam     6 comments
Movie : Ice Age 3: Dawn Of The Dinosaurs
Ratings : ★★★★

Went to watch this movie and sit in the cinema third row from the front. Kinda suffering although im quite short haha.. Been waiting for the showing of this movie since the day i watched Madagascar.. Before movie, went to Dragon-i for dinner ended up late for the movie.. Although that day I'm not in good condition, suffering stomachache but still i enjoy this movie, laughed a lots =D I believe it will be much more enjoy if can watch this movie in 3D.. Ice Age never fail to entertain..



  1. I dun really like this 3rd part of Ice Age.

    So boring compared to 1 and 2. Not as nice....

  2. quite short? u not 165cm meh?

  3. Danielctw.com
    ♥ But still a funny and entertaining movie to watch ;)

    ♥ Where got 165cm? 163cm only :D

  4. i watched the 3D version. love it!!

  5. This story is running out of steam
    It was entertaining but has lost its magic and any sense of surprise

  6. simon peg doing a good job incredible with laughter good piece of work but like mark golden say try very hard try to impress..
    anyway is still entertaining..kaka