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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

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A day trip to Sungai Lembing which located at Kuantan with my beloved family. For your information, Sungai Lembing had the largest, longest and deepest subterranean tin mine in the world and was once the richest town and producer of tin in Pahang.

Besides visiting the old tunnel entrances and observing the quaint traditional Malay houses and the old town center buildings, we also visiting the Sungai Lembing Museum, Perkelahan Pasir Kubur and not to forget to try their local tomato mee.

p/s : Sorry that not much photo is sharing here because most of the photos (200++ photos) were being deleted due to the error that occurred during the transfer of photos :(

♥ Sungai Lembing Musuem where the rich history of the place is chronicled..

♥ My sis and I snapping picture inside the museum..

♥ Not really sure what these used for.. Probably the equipments they used for tin mining..

♥ Various types of tin ores? i guess...

♥ Tin in powder form....

♥ The bridge at Kenau to go to Perkelahan Pasir Kubur and the Orang Asli settlement..

♥ Wading in the middle of the stream at Perkelahan Pasir Kubur..


  1. tin? you mean Ferum?
    In Chinese is what? @.@
    this blog recall the memory I went to Tasik Biru at Bau last few weeks...
    the lake also used for tin mining if i not mistaken...
    but not sure whether is tin or not XD
    but now the lake cant continue mining works anymore because due to the mining works for yearrrssss... many places at Bau were ''going down''...@.@

  2. ♥ Ferum is besi mah, not meh? @@
    ♥ Tin is bijih timah lolx..
    ♥ I knew about Bau, sejarah/Geografi pernah study mah haha...
    ♥ Got many pics of the place actually, i take around 200++ pics ler, but all terdelete while transfer to comp from hp..kek hei ~ T__T

  3. looks like a nice play to dip my feet! hehehe

  4. Teddy
    ♥ dun dirty/poison the river with ur HK feet hahaah :D

  5. Hi, I was looking for someone on google who have been to Sungai Lembing in Pahang.
    I saw your blog when i was gooling. I plan to trek to Sg.Lembing around January next year.
    If you have time then please drop me a message to share the story