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Thursday, May 27, 2010

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Hey all, tomorrow is public holiday right? I don't have to go to work and i don't know how about u guys. I took half day leave today hehe, then will be heading to North side of Malaysia in the evening. Will blog about my trip after Im back :)

Happy holiday all!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

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Shopping, always will be one of the best activity for me to enlighten my weekend life :) Went to Sg.Wang and Berjaya Times Square again to kill my free time. As usual, bought few tops, dresses and shoes :) My wardrobe is real full now, gotta get myself free to tidy up my wardrobe.

.♥ Im walking from Berjaya Times Square to Sg.Wang. Never missed, I know this friend of me sure gonna snap many pics of me, even from the back. P/S: Ignore the flip-flop that i wear. I changed because my legs were tired walking after shopping at Berjaya Times Square with heels.

As usual, went to Kim Gary for lunch, wondering if there's any other nice restaurant for me to try out? Any recommendations? Im bored with the foods at Sg.Wang and Berjaya Times Square.

.♥ Kim Gary. Full-seated.

.♥ Cream soup

.♥ The dessert I hate the most. Weird taste.

.♥ The cheese baked rice that I like.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

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Don't know if u guys ever heard of Restaurant Ku? It is a Chinese and Indian fusion restaurant (i guess) which located right opposite University Malaya Medical Center. I was sick that time and hence my friend brought me there to have some home-cooked dishes. It was my first visit to Restaurant Ku and I kinda fond of the ambiance there. Yes likey the cozy ambiance with dim light but not the foods ><

.♥ ABC soup. Salty and expensive.

.♥ Fu Yong Egg. Not bad, but other restaurant can serve better one.

.♥ Asparagus with garlic. This one nice. My favorite.

.♥ Chicken. Not bad but still other restaurant can serve better one.

Anyway, it was a great dinner session. And I felt much more better after had some rice. Special thanks to my friend for so take care of me all this while.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

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Aren't all the cakes below very tempting?

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

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Fed up with Malay's cuisine. Hence went to Face To Face Noodle House to have some hot Chinese foods with my colleagues.

.♥ The menu of Face To Face Noodle House

.♥ Sam Sam's Sarawak Noodle (original). Not to say very nice but still acceptable. At least I don't hate it.

.♥ My dry pan mee. I just like to mix original dry pan mee with homemade dry chillies, superb! :D but still i prefer kin kin's pan mee if u want me to make a comparison. See this :)

.♥ Braised pork pan mee (Can't really remember what it called). Not bad not bad :)

.♥ Chef's special pan mee in soup. Pretty big bowl.

.♥ Hmm can't remember what is this. Can't remember its taste too. Sorry ><

.♥ Iced Honey Lemon. The best drink ever during hot weather.

.♥ My ABC special hehe~ kinda like this :)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

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Went to watch this movie at GSC Mid Valley Megamall (I think one month ago, can't really remember). Is a very great movie. I like all the dragons inside the film, especially Night Fury. Not to forget to mention Gronckle too, the fat fat dragon, so cute! :DD Go to watch this film, i guess everyone will like it :)

Movie : How to train your dragon
Ratings : ★★★★

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Another new song of Jay Chou :)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

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Recently been burden by loads of works sigh hence don't have time to update my blog. Let's continue with the WOC anniversary trip, part 3. For part 1 and part 2, kindly visit the link below alright so u wont get lost haha XD
WOC anniversary trip Part 1
WOC anniversary trip Part 2

Let's the pictures do the talking.

.♥ We drove around KKB and stopped in this car park just to shoot picture of all the nine cars with the banners as well

.♥ Sue, Roy and Wai Hou were playing with the baseball stick

.♥ No doubt they had many patterns and they are really funny haha

.♥ Sweet couple ><"

.♥ Yeah Im the "wocman" instead of superman ><

.♥ After photoshooting, we drove to the new Dam built in Kampung Pertak (15-minutes drive from the town). The higher Dam in Malaysia

.♥ And here we were. Awesome scene ain't it?

.♥ Group picture :) See if u can spot me in this picture :)

.♥ The couples

.♥ I like this two picture haha. U dare to lie down in the middle of the road just for the sake of taking this kind of picture ??

.♥ Some awesome scenery captured by Sue

.♥ After that, they drove somewhere else nearby the mosque. Stopped at the roadside and shooting pictures around.

.♥ The guys. They are playful. The girls were too tired, all stayed inside the car.

.♥ And then these two ><" always come out with so many funny pose haha XD
After that we went back to Roy's house and had our BBQ session at night.
Stay tune ya! :)