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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

On 1:27 PM by Connie Lam in     14 comments
Time flies, CNY is over...
I miss it, all the foods, cookies and drinks.... *drool*
We always craving for yummy and palatable foods.. Aren't we..?
Guess what, finally i gained weight already... It's not 1 kg, but 3kg arrr (44kg -> 47kg) in just one two weeks..
Should i felt sad or happy about it..? *sigh*

Well, back to the topic..
I believe that everyone of u sure have a very warm and delightful CNY reunion feast with either ur family or ur friends...
Or went to "lou shang".... I love this very much!! This is a must-eat-dish during CNY ;)
1, 2, 3, 4,... I didn't realize that i actually had went to lou shang for 4 times!! xD

Pictures time!!

Part 1 - CNY reunion feast with my family ;)
Sorry that i couldn't name every dishes.. Im a bit forgetful *wondering*
And guess u know most of the dishes below if u r as waisek as me hehe....
Btw, i forget to snap the picture of Yee Shang, aiks....

Part 2 - CNY reunion feast with a geng of friends who born in OX year..

♥ Lou and FATTT!! xD

♥ This is yummy and i miss it!!

♥ The pretty girls ;D

♥ The "OX" =p

♥ One of my frien who looks like GARY CAO!! He is promoting the Yee Shang lol...

Part 3 - CNY reunion feast with my coursemates...

♥ I miss all the sweet moments gather with my family and relatives...
♥ I miss all the crazy fun time hang out with my friends....

Good bye to Chinese New Year....


  1. lolz..i think i saw my cousin in one of the pics...hehe...so many nice food...yummy!!!

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  3. rm...i kinda lousy de lar..dunno his full name...but surname is 'Lim' or 'Ling' if nt mistaken...hope i din saw the wrong ppls,otherwise kinda teruk ady,cousin oso can silap tengok...wakaka...

    ps - the above deleted ady...mistaken type ady and click too fast...wakaka

  4. ♥ Ohh ohh... then he/she in which pic..?
    ♥ or i posted up ur photos, ask them to recognise u whether have u this cousin or not.. LOL =p

  5. bwahaha...is a 'he' lar...the 1 inside the ''OX'',sitting in front of the green shirt dude...

    wah..posted upp my pic like missing person,or in wanted list leh...dunwan lar...haha

  6. ♥ Is it the one in brown shirt with spec..?
    ♥ his name is davidoff Lim Kok Seong..
    ♥ Staying at KSM 1.... LOL....

  7. yea...he is my cousin..wakaka...lolz..

  8. ♥ ohh ohh..
    ♥ i will ask him the nextime i meet/see him LOL =p

  9. lolz...wat u wanted to ask him???0.o???

    haha...oh yea..he dunno my nickname aka Devil de...wakaka

  10. ♥ i wanna upload ur pics in my blog already..
    ♥ u bully me...sobsob....

  11. lolz..why wanna upload my pic?im sooo ugly..later ur reader will vomit,and no1 will visit ur blog ady...not nice de...hehe....

    i where got bully u...im so nice leh..tag u,so can knw u better mah...wakaka....

  12. ♥ u r not ugly also.... :wub:
    ♥ reader wont vomit, and that might can increase no.of ppl who visit my blog site hehe.... ;D

    ♥ tag me so i have to do the tag ma..
    ♥ like this good...?
    ♥ nextime i confirm will tag u also...
    ♥ bluek =p

  13. lolz,had to say thanz 1,owe u 1 drink...

    might increase the number eh???wakaka..wonder will it happened or not...later decrease...cham lor...

    lolz...good...'tag u = GOOD'(my theory lar)...wakaka...see..u plan to tag me bck...means u r evil too??oo..devil in disguise of an angel!!!hehe...