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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

On 8:56 PM by Connie Lam     8 comments
Im wondering, students can do anything just to release their tension?

Guess what..? Without any deep consideration, my friend and i drove to Serdang at around 8.30pm just to eat ban mian and la mian *sweat*
We were too stress and feeling depressed. We shouldn't just shut ourselves inside the room.

So, my friend made a call to ask for the direction. We drew a simple map lolx.
And ended up we sesat after passed by the faculty of engineering (UPM) and a left turn at the traffic light.
15mins drive became 50mins drive. Dinner became supper. *sweat*

♥ My friend's order - Ma lak (Super hot and spicy) Ban Mian

♥ My order - Spinach La Mian *wink*
♥ U notice the JAGUNG on the top-right side..? hehe...

What so special about this ban mian or la mian..?
It's hand-made one..and it's not the ordinary ban mian or la mian that we used to eat outside...
The noodles are made of spinach one *wink*
And the price is real economical, RM 3.50 only for a big bowl.. *full*
The bowl is bigger than my head! haha...

♥ This pic u can see very clearly that the noodles are in green colour because it is made of spinach one..

♥ Last but not least, Connie who always go jalan-jalan cari makan *grin*
♥ I doesn't look like a sick people.. *sweat*
♥ and wanted to emphasize here, im not eating two bowls yeah lolx


  1. nice nice,looks yummy...! only makes me hungry~
    u look so happy eating it...
    and there's 2 bowls, i thought u so waisek can eat 2 bowls haha!

  2. *bbs*
    ♥ thanks spider for the comment lol..
    ♥ sure yummy~ sure happy, im happy whenever there's food! xD
    ♥ i can't eat two bowls lar.. im not u the big eater!! =p

  3. lolz...15mins become 50mins,keng...nvm,at least both of u reach the location,so nex time wont make the wrong turn again...hehe

  4. Da Devil..
    ♥ I can assure that nextime we wont sesat again lol..
    ♥ coz we always sesat... even the way to kl also can sesat...

  5. haiz...some serdang oso dun let me know...

  6. ^^
    ♥ Lolx, even i let u know u also not free lor... ;p

  7. i've nvr heard of ma lak ban mian u kno... hahaha..

    nvr tasted it.. duno JB got mar.. suddenly feel like eating alot of food ahahaha..

    but i scared i will gain weight!!! sienz....

  8. Teddy...
    ♥ u never heard of ma lak ban mian..?
    ♥ Everywhere also got one.. zZZzz..
    ♥ Im also feel like eating alot of foods hehehe.... :D
    ♥ Wont gain weight gua...Go go exercise :)