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Saturday, February 28, 2009

On 12:17 AM by Connie Lam in     10 comments
Help help help ~~!!
I have to struggle for three papers in a week..

3/3 - Molecular Biology *major*
5/3 - Basic of Ecology *a bored subject*
7/3 - Principal of Accounting

This schedule is seriously killing me.
I think Im going to burn midnight oil for the whole week.
I should start my revision earlier, i know..
Hence, today i plan to study accounting..

♥ This the book that i plan to read...

Yeah, i planned. But im wondering whether i will do it or not lolx....
So i posted this status on my facebook and i received a few comments..
I love this one "If u think u can, u can"...

But the evil side always beat down the angel side of me.. LOL
At last, my mission fail *emo emo*
Yeah, i think i can, but i still failed it.. Too playful..


  1. quick quick change taraf



  2. nvm ler... is liddat wan la... who will really wanna sit there and study study whole day...

    so far the most i can tahan is one hour...then later sure mind wander somewhere else d


  3. tcy...
    ♥ What is AU.....? @_@

    ♥ Few years back im really can sitting whole day study study and study lolx..
    ♥ This time i can't even concentrate 1 hour lolx...

  4. i think he means AUDIT. so that when you exam, your gred is pass or fail and it will not count in your CGPA.

    by the way, you dont have any friend taking account majoring?

  5. Isley Chang..
    ♥ Ohh, if like this then i will have not enough units to graduate lolx..
    ♥ i don't have friend taking account majoring, but i studied accouting before when im in form 4 form 5..can't remember already, 4 years back...

  6. why didnt take other PB.. the one you taking are hard = =lll

  7. tcy..
    ♥ i don't want to take Japanese language 2....
    ♥ and so i take this hehe..
    ♥ most of my friends said this subject is easy and almost of them score A ...

  8. hmmm...
    Still expensive after tax...
    But at least cheaper than before...

  9. eh, who is dat cute molecular biologist? hehehe

    Ecology oso u got wan?! y i no take?! farnie.. hehehe..

  10. Josephine...
    ♥ u means Mcdonalds..? @_@

    ♥ So thick face weyy =p
    ♥ Im also dunno who's that lolx...
    ♥ Ecology is LP ma XD