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Thursday, February 5, 2009

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Tea is very much like wine: its final character is largely influenced by the conditions in which it is grown.
Hence, with its high altitude, low temperatures and slightly acidic soil, Cameron Highlands is the ideal environment for growing superb teas of distinctive flavour and aroma.

Tea plantations is one of the must-see features of Cameron Highlands.

♥ Awesome, right..?

For your information, the 3 most famous tea plantations are :
  • Boh Tea Plantations
  • Sungai Palas Tea Estate
  • Bharat Tea Estate
Before heading back to Mentakab, we stopped at one of the tourist market to buy some veges, strawberries, etc....

♥ Giant cabbage vs Mini carrots ;D

♥ Fresh veges....

♥ Strawberries.....

♥ A must-try-corn in Cameron Highlands..
♥ U can eat it raw, it is sweet and juicy...

♥ I wont missed any chance to try on yummy food =p
♥ And i love to eat CORN!!! xD

It was holiday and we couldn't get to rent any hotel or apartment to stay overnight.
Hence, we straight away drove back to Mentakab when the sky turned dark.


  1. lam...!! i just went to cameron dec last year

    so exciting..aspecly bulit palas tea boh, rose valley, strobery park..n so so on...

    want to visit again sum day..tired laa nak panjat gunung...arghh

  2. i wasnt knw that the corn can eat raw until i went to Cameron Highland last year... n its rili sweet....