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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

On 4:06 PM by Connie Lam     15 comments
As what i promised in the earlier post that i will blog about the cookies i baked during CNY...
Here's comes the post.. Tadaa~~

I believe that most of the girls love to bake cake or cookies.. cooking as well...
This definitely my primary interest.. although the process of baking takes quite a long time and tiring..
Drop cookies always my preference of baking ;) Why..?
Because it is the most popular types of cookies, created only by dropping cookie dough from a teaspoon or tablespoon onto a prepared cookies sheet...
Just mix, drop, bake and enjoy, definitely an easy cookies type ;)

What's ur favorite type of cookies..?
Warm home-made one which just-out-of-the-oven?
Gooey chocolate chip? *drool*
Do you prefer types of cookies that are crisp, crunchy, sandy or soft? lol..

♥ The chocolate chips that i used ;) Guess now u know what types of cookies i baked ;)

♥ BEFORE* Yeah, just mix, drop and bake lolx...

♥ AFTER* It turned into bigger size because the dough flattens and spreads during baking ;)

♥ My chocolate chips cookies!! Real yummy one lolx...

♥ Another shoot of my cookies ;)

Besides chocolate chips cookie, im also baked some pineapple cookie which is one of favorite cookie too..
This took me for about 4 hours to complete the baking process..
Not much pics is taken because im a bit rushing on that day... Sorry*

♥ I know they doesn't look nice.. About 3 years i stop baking already, that's why lolx..

♥ Inside the oven...

♥ Done!! And they are so tasty!!


  1. da cookies look soooo yummy..
    too bad i dun get to eat them T___T so sad..~

  2. rhinooo..
    ♥ hello there..
    ♥ thanks for dropping by and ur comment..

  3. Borneo Falcon..
    ♥ thanks for the comment ;) hehe...

  4. Wah ur cookies look nicer than chipsmore!!!

  5. u bake wan?

    can eat?

    wont cirit birit?

    how come u nvr reply my SMS wan ah? i oso duno u received or dun receive..

    Msian number SMS S'pore number is 20 sen leh.. very cheap onli u kno.. hahahaha.. i reply baru exp lor..

    Bad SuperSenior!!! dun buli me smallboy laa...

    giv me some cookies!!! hahaha... u can post them to me with the letters later... hahahahaha

    Thank you..

  6. I want some chocolate chips cookies....

    send to me ! send to me !

  7. Josephine..
    ♥ actually i wanted to make it looks like chipsmore lolx..
    ♥ but the taste totally different with chipsmore ;)

    ♥ Hello super old senior lolx..
    ♥ I forget to reply u lol, coz each time u sms im sure sleeping or doing something else.. sorry sorry..
    ♥ How to post cookies..? zzzz

    ♥ How to send to eu..?
    ♥ U didn't scare diarrhea later..? lol

  8. mmmm....
    i wan....

  9. Auntie Connie

    no reply my SMS = blog kena delete! hahaha

    thanks for the letters..

    muacks!!! hehe

  10. The cookies look so yummy, but it's still giveing me trypophobic nightmare cuz of the grouped holes... =)

  11. wow .. I ♥ cookie xD

  12. Sonicsizer...
    ♥ already finished lol..
    ♥ nextime i baked again i let u taste ;)

    ♥ go eat go eat lol..

    ♥ o.O dun have to be afraid, im sure it is yummy lol....

    ♥ same here!! i ♥ cookies too ;)