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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

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Went to KL during Thaipusam's holiday..
What a great chance for us to release tension and escape from the bustle of study life ;)
Besides sing k session as usual, we went to Pavilion GSC cinema for a movie..

♥ Pavilion ~~

Movie : Underworld: Rise of the Lycans..
Ratings : ★★★

For ur information, im not a fan of the other two Underworld films. I even didn't know that the storyline of this movie is revolves around the Lycan rise from slavery and i haven't seen the other two. The acting in this movie is awesome and some action scenes had me on the edge of my seat with my eyes closed. One thing i dislike about this movie is this movie had too much gore. *yucks*.. Scary arr!!

♥ Some random pics after sing k session ~~ ;)

I know that this blog post is kinda outdated but please pardon me.. sob...
Im too busy with exam and assignments... =(


  1. ur blog very updated.. i often miss out many posts.. ><

  2. Settle your studies stuff adi baru post la :D

  3. Golden bull, brings prosperity hehe! Ur not tall enough to touch da head of da bull!
    I see, u two go sing k tat time, sooo nice, i wanna sing k oso xD

  4. outdated post better than no updates...

  5. haha.. kind of like ur post about the movies.. den i can know what movie is nice to watch.. ^^

  6. not so good if less to say to merely combain the movie as part of underworld triology...badly produce..