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Sunday, February 22, 2009

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Connie is half-dead in the midst of mid semester exam..
In addition, period pain is torturing her..
Unexpected obstacles keep on happening in her life...
Life is hard.. Don't u think so..?
Connie ain't a stout person yet she going to keep a smiling heart always no matter how tough is her life.. ;)

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  1. waseh...ganbate ganbate

    hmm...sometimes how i wish everything could be settle wif no prob..but somehow there are sure some 'speedbump'....oso feel kinda tired to face wif all sort of probs or obstacles...sometimes juz wanted to scream out loud..'GIV ME A BREAK'...haiz

    as wat i always told my frens tat life is hard....and life suxx...so we juz got to suck it up and drag our miserable life along...haiz...wat to do...

    well at least u r doing it wif smile...gud gud...

    opps...comment kinda long...wakaka

  2. You know what!?..

    we should screw the mid sem exam and go out wet instead! lol :D


    anyway good luck and all the best!

  3. all the best for your mid sem exam

  4. Da devil..
    ♥ super long comment lol..
    ♥ but im happy to read it... ;)
    ♥ nextime wanna find u to lecture me already hehe....

    ♥ i already went out and wet for a day already...
    ♥ till now my flu becomes serious...
    ♥ sobsob T_____T

    Isley Chang...
    ♥ Thanks! same to eu yeah =)

  5. huh,lecture 0.o??,lolz, i oso almost in the same situation as urs...kaka and sleepless nite too coz of those prob...kaka...find me yumcha ok lar...lecture dun think i tat qualification gua...haha