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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

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Ink Heart

Movie ratings : ★★★

Went to watch this movie on the first day of its showing.
Kinda disappointed because this movie was not as exciting as what i had been looking forward to.
Besides, i don't know which part is the climax part of this movie and guess what, my friend fall asleep while watching this movie ><'' Shouldn't expect too much before u going to watch a movie then u will be pleasantly surprised watching a movie. Anyway, this movie is still worth watching if u aren't that nitpicking about this movie.

The trailer....


  1. it really sucks.... i want my money back...wu wu....

  2. Oh yeah...what a sucky movie man!

  3. try to imagine when u were younger and like story book very much... this is the kind of feeling u need to set before walking to enjoy this movie..kekeke

    to say the fact i enjoy it very much...