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Sunday, February 15, 2009

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Went to watch this movie on 4th of Feb with my friends for the celebration of Wei Shien's birthday..

Movie : All's Well End's Well
Ratings : ★★★

This comedy is kinda amused..
Normally i won't spend time and money in cinema for this kind of movie, that day was special just for shien *wink*.....
And what i can remember vividly about this comedy is that whenever a character falls in love, they act woozy and start spinning around in a dopey fashion while tinkly music plays on the soundtrack.. :D
Why i never spinning around while im in love..? LOL

♥ Im wondering, will u guys marry someone like her..? lol...

♥ I like him.. ;)

After movie, we went to KimGary for our dinner.
The reason we dined in there is that birthday boy/girl who has the Kim Card can enjoy 50% discount but too bad it's only valid for six persons ;(

♥ There are 14 of us..and u can see our bill is super long LOL....

♥ I didn't snap much pic on that day..and this is the only one pic with the birthday boy inside.. Happy Birthday, Wei Shien!! *Hugs*

♥ The sizzling fish, chicken and pork chop... hehe... my order!!

♥ The sizzling pork chop..

♥ The sizzling lamb chop..

It was so funny that almost all of us order the sizzing chop set which comes with a drink, a dessert, half piece of garlic bread and soup..
and most of us couldn't finish our dishes..

♥A group pic before we leave Mid Valley..

Going to miss u all....
Hope to see u guys soon....

1 comment :

  1. that movie quite funny
    but won't marry that girl gua umless...hahaha like what they shown in the movie

    Comment above is base on the movie. LOL