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Thursday, June 12, 2008

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Finally it's coming.. A scary day...
Went to work with a heavy heart and something weighing on my mind... ..
The reason?? Gosh, i gotta donate my own blood for blood test and for my own research project T_T
In the very beginning, my supervisor told me that i need to donate at least 30ml .. .
30ml.. OMG, this 30ml really frightened me.. . ARGHHH ~!!
I never go for any blood donation due to anemia, and my light body weight.. .
Only went for 3ml blood drawing before for my biochemistry lab practical in university....

♥ Left : Random me in the lab before blood donation....
♥ Right : Working in the lab after blood donation....

Stepped in the lab, stand and hidden at the corner with a staff named Wati...
Both of us were scare and timid.... .
As i expected, i screamed for pain again when the doctor prick the syringe to my hand...
She is kinda rude and this time im really can feel the pain.... The PAIN. . T_T
When it's my turn, i felt kinda ashamed because everyone in the lab was surrounded me and worried about me...
A said : " aduh, kecil dan kurusnya"
B said : "putihnya"
C said : "nampak pucat, boleh derma ke?" ETC. ..
Huh... They were discussing about my hand and my pale look... .
I'm healthy and no sick can .. =.='' so no worry... .. .

Trillion thanks to my supervisor... He is so nice, he knew that i cant donate blood and scare..
Hence, he asked the doctor only draw 5ml of my blood instead of 30ml ^^
5 ml for sure is not a problem for me. . ..

♥ My partner -Adam was dropped the blood into special filter paper to make the dry blood spot...
He is going to run a amino acid test using HPLC for screening of certain disorders.. . Interesting!!

♥ After that, blood is transferred from the syringe into two 2.5ml tube with EDTA...

♥ The blood in 2.5ml tube with EDTA ... .

♥ Blood separation and Red Blood Cell washing by ME ^^
Left : The plasma on the top and red blood cell in the bottom after centrifugation....
Right : The plasma that i withdrawed and separated from red blood cell...

♥ After red blood cell washing, i prepare the blood and spot it into filter paper ....

♥ The dry blood spot that i prepared... *drying it*


  1. yeah.. i guess so.. hahax... *shameful*

  2. haha.. kecil dan kurus :P

    you should pretemnd to faint after they took ur blood hehe

  3. lolx... paiseh to pretend lolx.. i'm nt a good actor =p

  4. haha!!! i never donate blood b4..

  5. u so strong... should go n donate... good for urself oso....