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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

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Continue.. .. . . . continue-ing. .. . .
* Sorry yeah if the photos in this post repugnant to u.. *

♪ The ancient microscopes used by scientists... Amazing..
*i like this pic, saw someone inside the pic? Guess who is it??*

♪ Left : Shuet Yuen was so focusing herself on the bearcat i showed u in previous post
♪ Right : KerWern pulak attracted by the birds' collection...

Without bothering Shuet Yuen and KerWern, we stepped up to second floor....
*Screaming!!* I saw snakes!!! ....but they are in the specimen bottle =p as shown in the photos below...
I'm just captured some photos of them because there are too many....

♪ Left : Ular Retukulasi
♪ Right : Ular Bakau

♪ Left : Ular Air Muka Sembab
♪ Right : Ular Tikus Malaya

♪ Left : Ular Tembaga
♪ Right : Ular Lumba Berbelang

♪ Lazy WeiHong and Eric sitting on the sofa waiting for us...
♪ ShuetYuen and me were discussing somethings seriously until didnt noticed ChAiLiNg snapped our pic lolx..

♪ Left : WeiHong and Me ^^
♪ KerWern really enjoyed his visit to this "museum"

Okie... That's all....
Actually not much things are exhibiting in this old "museum"... and i guess no one will pay a visit to here.. since here really kinda errie, dark and gloomy...
I confirmed will not come alone....

- The End-


  1. gosh, the rate of update is freaking fast. i am far behind you. still remember the day where we just started blogging. we are competing how slow we can post a entry. but now haha, congrats.....keep it up.nice to read ur blog with lots of photos

  2. lolx.. jackie..tis so-called efficient lolx =D

    like to read ur blog too..but u must keep on updating yeah...especially ur life over there...

    guess u sure experienced alots and happy over there.. tke care yeah =)