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Thursday, June 5, 2008

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31st of May, it's my bestie's birthday ^^
Nothing much, just a simple but memorable celebration even just four of us were hang out together...
Yeah, we get closer with each others since we are training together at the same place...
We= chAiLiNg, KerWern, MingLee and me ^^

♥ Countdown for CL's birthday ~
3 cakes for her.. But too bad that i gotta attend my cousin's wedding dinner (will blog about it sooner or later) and i'm not there for her.. So, sorry that there's no photo(s) for this =.='''

♥ Movie time as our 1st amusement =)

Lots of new released movie recently.. What to watch what to watch?


* Its trailer

No further description or blogging about this movie because i believed that most of you probably already or will book &buy a ticket, grab a popcorn and get a seat in cinema to watch it... or u can just click on the link and have a glimpse on its official website =)
Besides, i guess what is hot discussing by everyone now is the movie KUNGFU PANDA *wink*
Honestly i myself looking forward to watch this movie t00...

♥ After movie, we spent our time in Neway One U..

No doubt most of us love spending time singing K..
Surprisingly MingLee and KerWen never been to Redbox, Neway or any others place for Sing K-ing and this is their first time.. *Thanks to me lolx because im the one who suggest =)

Well, i believed that most of you will prefer to see photo rather than reading my long winded bloggie...
S0.. .. .. . .. .. .. . .. .. .. .

Cut the craps and enjoy the photos =) *click on the photo to enlarge it yeah*

♥ The package including 1 meal 1 drink..
♥ Left - KerWen's
♥ Right- MingLee's

♥ Left : obviously it's my order lolx because i'm 100% pasta/spaghetti lover hehex =)
♥ Right : chAiLiNg's order.. i'm just love the mayonnaises >.<'''

♥ Yeah, ChaiLing and me ordered the same drinks aka Black Beauty ^^

♥ MingLee & me lolx. .. then four of us.. .

♥ Karaoke -ing ^^

♥ This 3 snacks really kill us... Guess how much is it? Each cost us 9 bux *expensive*

Okie, it's time to end this post... .. but this is not the end of the birthday celebration...
Stay tuned ^^

Coming up next :
Our dinner at Seoul Garden ....


  1. eh eh i already book liao 1 ar for kung fu panda XD

  2. lolx.. okie okie =)

    nvm..i can watch it twice, third or forth time lolx =D