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Monday, June 23, 2008

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After spaghetti, we went for movie "MISSING" at One Utama, 9.30pm... and we are late for around half an hour =.='''

♥ A ghost movie? mystery? I'm also don't know because some part of the movie im really cant catch it and cant understand =.='' dumb me... But its story includes some romantic love story that's quite touching... This movie becomes great when u watch it with the loved one *wink*

Photo after movie *at home*

♥ New look *In white*

♥ Tried to act fierce...

It's sunday... and as i said in my previous post, I'm going to cook for our lunch on sunday...
No photos of cooking session because everything is kinda messy.....
But at last, 4 dishes successfully cooked by me and served ^^
All are very simple dishes because we just bought what we saw in Jusco and got no idea what to cook... Promised that the next cook will be much more better ^^

♥ The paku-pakis that well known in sarawak =) Nice taste just that we bought the too old one so kinda hard to chew...

♥ The common SARDIN cooked with big onion.. His favourite...

♥ Black soya sauce chicken chicken cooked with ginger... but then no black soya sauce =.=''

♥ Fried egg with hot dog and big onion...

♥ Our dessert - LONGAN... *yumyum*


next next...
after lunch went for karaoke again =)


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