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Monday, June 16, 2008

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♥ Ter-close my eyes =.='' *paiseh*

I would like to initiate this post with a photo of chAiLiNg and me =)
Guess where we are ? The venue of multi-animal show. ..
For ur information, there are multi-animal show and night show in the Zoo Negara at 11am, 3pm and 8.30pm..
Here we watched the show by Sea Lion / Macaques / Macaws ^^ after a walk to monkey compound..
*Kinda crowded and we couldn't get a seat to sit down...*

♥ The show by sea lion. .. he/she is cute and knows how to response and "clap hands"

♥ Next is the show by the macaws...

♥ Amazing..

After the multi-animal show, we went to watch the giant fish and penguin right in front the multi-animal show venue...

PENGUIN... Now i only know penguin actually not as cute as those we saw in cartoon... kinda ugly and like duck.. =.=''' Btw, it is like a "wood", 11.30am and 5pm i passed by there, it still in the same pose as shown in the photo...

The giant fishes.. Really super giant and their sizes are real bigger than me... Imagine it urself since the photo taken quite blur...

Okie... Next post will be the aquarium Tunku Abdul Rahman.. and.. .others animals...


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