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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

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After my post about wedding dinners and birthday celebration, lot's of lot's of foods' images...
Freaking bored already right ?

Okie.. This post im going to share somethings weird? interesting? aliens? awesome?
*You judge it*

Location : ''Museum" of Institute For Medical Research (IMR)
Entrance Fees : FREE* (haha...)

Went over this place during lunch break on friday (12.15pm - 2.45pm) since we got no place to lepak after our lunch...

♪ I think these are different species of rats (Not sure) >.<'''

♪ Not sure what are these also... hahax... Just it kinda amazed me so i snapped a picture of them...

These two animal really giant... Serious..

♪ WOW~!! Large Flying Squirrel...

♪ Left : Banded Linsang...
♪ Right : Malay weasel...
Weird weird animals... All i never seen before one.. .

♪ Bearcat... >.<''
Never seen this before also.. How's about you??
Btw, this the most scary one... doesnt looks friendly..
Wish i wont dream of it and brings nightmare to me...

♪ Guess what are these small thingies?
Lolx... Actually these are different kinds of shell which are in mini-sized.. even smaller than a red bean...

Okie. ... . Hope you enjoy ur staying with me. . .. .
- To be Continued-


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