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Monday, June 9, 2008

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Another wedding dinner =)
But this time it's not in KL but my beloved hometown - Mentakab...

Thanks to him for purposely fetched me back to hometown and accompanied me attending the wedding dinner together with my family *wink*

As usual, dressed up myself in new dress which i bought i last week..
It is a dress with simple but elegant design =)
I LOVE IT SO MUCCCCHHH :* and he loves it too ^^

♥ Ju-Lian & cOnNie *loVez*

♥ The table's simple decoration with balloons look nice right? and the Yummylicious food ....Noticed the cute paper-made pineapple? ^^

♥ Cute little mini burger.. But doesnt tasted good >.<'''
♥ Handsome youngest brother...

Big eater Ju & me still feel hungry after the wedding dinner..
So we went for supper, but unluckily it was raining and we forced to tapao balik T_T

Some snapping while we have our supper at his home ^^

♥ Sweet. . .

♥ Chris Brown feat T-Pain_Kiss Kiss ^^


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