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Monday, June 9, 2008

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Nothing special about this post..
U can ignore it =)

Another lovely and blessing sunday on1st of June =)
Went to NZX for brunch then snapped some photos of the cute cute rabbit...
U can pay to buy the food thingy to feed the rabbit >.<'' and of course i didnt, that's more suitable for kids...
And, he will not allow me to do so.. Kinda childish...

♥ Cute Rabbit =D ( noticed the diffrent colour of the photos? Sorry, the photos is taken with different hp)

After meal'd, we went off to midvalley meet up with my family and shopping... .
Nothing special i bought, just a trendy belt ^^ *im really enjoy buying*

After shopping, dinner time again.. huh, damn bored.. .
Human are complicated, why we need to have at least three meals a day and why do we feel hungry ? Grrr...
Always got no idea what to eat...
So, to avoid fan-ness and to save time, we decided to go Pizza Hut which is an ordinary fast food restaurant *located at TTDI*..
However it becomes special when u dine in with someone special and ur loved one =)

♥ Snapping with Ju's hp before eating =) *Ju-Lian & cOnNie*

♥ Orders as usual. .. *Love the Mushroom soup*

♥ Additional order of Spaghetti ^^ Totally different with the spaghetti shown in the menu.... *Pizza Pizza* (Snapping with my hp)

*Wondering why the colour of photos taken with Nokia and Motorola are in so big difference?? *

- Back to my place at Titiwangsa after our light dinner-


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