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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

On 6:51 PM by Connie Lam     6 comments
Old Town Kopitiam...
A place where i went to... in 3 consecutive days >.<''
but different location...

♥ Old Town White Coffee which located at my hometown =)

♥ i'm just like the feelings there.... and its environment....

♥ last but not least my favourite French toast... *love it so muchh*

♥ and my favourite drink - ice blended white coffee ^^

Sitting alone there.. Surfing net with the free Wifi *wink*....
Doesnt seems lonely and woeful but a kind of enjoyment =D

Sometimes i'm just like to pick a single moment...
To be alone and free myself from bustles of life...

Sometimes... Starbucks are preferable *wink*

Coming up next :
Cousin's wedding dinner...
Bestie's birthday celebration..
etc^^.. .


  1. haha.. maybe you should put also on the coming up next:

    more leng lui pics... :D

    btw.. I also like eating french toast at old town.. although not really those wonderful types of french toast but I like it there...

    furthermore nearby my house got oldtown.. so if my mother decided to mogok and not cooking... oldtown I go.. haha :D

  2. ♪ lolx.. no leng lui pics lor.. make u disappointed dy haha =p

    ♪ lolx... try the ipoh hoh fun at old town..my favourite too..but i didnt tke its picture..coz paiseh (tat time wif my frens)...

    ♪ mayb nextime can go old town together wif han wei oso hehe =)

  3. yalor can ask him go.. den can wad him to belanja... wahahaha :D

  4. yeah! got gal wad him easier.. always i wad him he will say belanja me ais kosong nia... :D

    kiam siap gui... lol :D

  5. ♪ haha.. mayb if i asked he will give the same answer... ''sky juice one for u =) ''